Cliff the Gap Leaper
Who knew that delivering letters is so hard?
Release: 13th April 2014
Miss Dynamite XXX
Eva and Blackie in their wettest adventure yet
Release: 1st April 2014
Christmas Collab 2013
What can we do with a bunch of rubber band and snowmen?
Release: 8th January 2014
24Frames Collab
24 frames. 1 second. Amazing animation.
Release: 4th June 2013
ZTV News Episode N
This is not a true ZTV news report! Get over it!
Release: 1st April 2013
LOL Runner
A parody of a long-forgotten game!
Release: 7th August 2012
Golf. Perhaps the most dangerous sport ever.
Release: 22nd June 2012
Parallel Memories: Ep 1-1
An experiment went horribly wrong. The aftermath?
Release: 5th May 2012
Entropy of Effort
A small collection of collab entries that got lost somehow
Release: 27th April 2012
Madotsuki's Dream Dock
Enjoy the scenery in one of Madotsuki's imaginary places
Release: 31st October 2011
The Underrated Art Collab
Underrated Art made by Underrated Newgrounds Members
Release: 16th February 2011
Ghosts 'n Goblins V.2
Curse-R's adventure continues on a graveyard...not on any graveyard though.
Release: 31st October 2010
Sonic Battle: Collab
Our tribute to the GBA game Sonic Battle... that got out of control.
Release: 28th December 2009
Parallel Memories: Teaser
The teaser for the upcoming series: Parallel Memories
Release: 5th June 2009
Marichu VS Curse-R
Marichu VS Curse-R...In DBZ-Style?!?!
Release: 2nd March 2009
Street Fighter 2 Turbo V2
Curse-R's boredom continues in the Street Fighter world
Release: 26th December 2008
Super Sonic - His World
It's time to go Super Sonic! XD
Release: 17th March 2008
NX - God Knows
It's about time for Marichu's Crew's 1st Performance
Release: 14th February 2008
Sonic's World NX ver.
Sonic is fighting his way to prevent Eggman from world domination in this music video
Release: 21st August 2007
Super Mario Bros. V.2
An action-filled Mario Movie from an idea of 2 movies!!!
Release: 30th April 2007
Mario Vs Sonic (NX Ver.)
This is my version of Mario Vs Sonic :D
Release: 24th January 2007
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