ROCKMAN HOLIC ~the 25th Anniversary~
Rockman Holic ~The 25th Anniversary~ is a soundtrack produced by SOUND HOLIC. (Mostly known for making a lot of Touhou music remixes)
It was released on December 19th 2012, commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Mega Man franchise.
I absolutely love the vocals in this one. There are some instrumentals as well, if you're into that.

Tracks: 16 | Disc length - 69:46 | Language: Japanese
Chiptuned Rockman
I like Mega Man
I like chiptune music.
An album about both of these? Oh. My. God!
20 tracks of Mega Man music remixes made by various talented artists.

Tracks: 20 | Disc length - 1:15:45 | Language: Japanese
Sonic Team Unplugged Live 2004
I love me some smooth jazz (on some extent)
Sonic Team decided to chill a bit and made unplugged versions of tracks from games like Sonic Heroes, NiGHTS or even Burning Rangers.
Performed by Mooki, which I to be honest haven't heard before.
But judging on what I've heard, she should sing a track or two for an upcoming Sonic Team game.

Tracks: 6 | Disc length - 0:27:08 | Language: English
Donkey Kong (1994) OST
I had a hard time finding a MP3 album of this soundtrack. I needed it for an animation.
I eventually gave up and ripped it from the game itself. Yes, I wanted a clean rip so badly.
I've decided to share this to everyone, because I'm such a nice guy.

Tracks: 43 | Disc length - 0:15:47
(C83)(同人音楽)(東方)[SOUND HOLIC] 風神 -FUUJIN-
There is no particular reason on why I offer this as download.
I wanted to try the functionality of this page and I needed some material.
So I went ahead and took the next best album that I could find.
It is not half bad, so give it a try.

Tracks: 12 | Disc length - 57:00 | Language: Japanese
Aya Hirano (平野綾) - TOxxxIC
It was hard to find the full version of this single, so I decided to share it with the public.
It is one of Aya Hirano's latest releases. Despite the drawbacks in her career, she still makes great tracks.
Did you know that Steve Diamond helped with the production of this single?
He is the songwriter for Britney Spears and Michael Jackson.

Tracks: 5 | Disc length - 20:03 | Language: Japanese
<Password> nx_pass
This one is certainly something.
What if Capcom made Touhou music for the Gameboy? Well, this would be it.
Stunning 55 tracks of Gameboy soundchip greatness. I'm not sure if HertzDevil made this alone, but I can certainly hear the quality of this album
I would totally play a monochrome side-scrolling shooting game with this soundtrack.
Please visit the original artist's website!

Tracks: 55 | Disc length - 56:01 | Language: None
Not many know Yukino, which is a real shame. This talented lady made her debut in February 2012 with her first EP "You make me blue"
She's most known for her song "RanTiKi" as it was featured as the opening theme song of Japanese TV animation "BAKUMATSU GIJINDEN ROMAN", which was designed by MONKEY PUNCH, the original creator of the "LUPIN THE THIRD" series.
Yukino might have a bright future ahead. She's something that shouldn't be left unnoticed, so spread the word!

Tracks: 13 | Disc length - 53:03 | Language: Japanese
The Hero Yoshihiko (Music Collection OP-ED)
The Hero Yoshihiko (勇者ヨシヒコ) is a very interesting series with a lot of comedy and references to other fantasy and science fiction series.
It has its unique charm, I must say. If I would make a TV series, then this would probably come out.
You should really give the series a try. Season 1 and 2 are subbed here
The opening and ending of each season are great. So here am I, sharing the fun.

Tracks: 19 | Disc length - 44:57 | Language: Japanese
Sana - Boku wo Sagashi ni ~ ボクをさがしに~
I was playing GuitarFreaks overseas and one particular song simply stuck to my head.
So I went ahead, did some research and found out that the vocalist had her own album!
Sanae Shintani (aka Sana) does a wide range of music genres from Jazz, Rock to Eurobeat and appeared in many BEMANI games such as Beatmania, Pop'n and GuitarFreaks.

Tracks: 14 | Disc length - 66:34 | Language: Japanese
Usatei - Tewi Dash Screensaver
I thought it would be cool to have the "Usatei" video as a screensaver, so I made this.
I took the orignal swf and edited it.
For those with multiple screens, the mirroring is a bit buggy. But I hope I can fix that someday.

Type: Screensaver
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