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The guy who started it all. This all began as a hobby and as it turns out, it has grown quite a bit.
Inspired by Randy Solem (VGDC) and Rob Foor (Razoric), he started to show interest in making his own version of Mario VS Sonic.
Since then he has made other sprite animations and plans to continue on doing so.
Once he starts something of his interest, he is very dedicated on what he is doing.
But that determination doesn't last very long usually. This is one of the reasons, why he never meets deadlines in time.
Name: Mark Anthony Beringuel
Birthday: July 8th 1992
Age: 26
Homepage: Nintentrix
E-Mail: UltraDirctrPkmn2@gmail.com
Pkmn2 hates PC gaming, even though he plays a lot of PC games.
There is no anime he particulary hates.
Pkmn2 was the worst at art during his years in school.
Ran-Cossack originally encountered Pkmn2 after watching his "Sonic: His World" video and requested the version of the songs used in them.
After hearing that he didn't even HAVE the songs/names anymore, he ended up editing Pkmn2's scripts, because an untrained monkey can write better English than him.
Ran-Cossack tries his best to keep Pkmn2 on schedule since... His continual distractions are not withstanding.
Name: Anthony Poe
Birthday: May 30th 1988
Age: 30
Homepage: Newgrounds Userpage
E-Mail: zerg_humand@hotmail.com
Ran-Cossack enjoys video games of most genres, though he primarily plays PC games.
Being punctual and sticking to his schedules are his goals in life.
He could never stand editing videos. It's mind-numbingly tideous and boring to him.
Ranco says: "Pkmn2 asked for 3 random facts, I say screw uneven numbers. I own a number of cats."
Nintentrix since 10th December 2007
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